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Lomo saltado | Sautéed sirloin

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Lomo saltado | Sautéed sirloin

Solomito de res saltado al wok en soya, tomates brillantes, cebolla roja en pétalos; servido con crujientes papas fritas y arroz blanco.

Sautéed beef sirloin in a wok with soy, bright tomatoes, peppers and red onion; served with french fries and white rice.

Our beef cuts are served with grilled vegetables or fresh salad, arepa and you can choose any of these side dishes:

1. Coconut rice 6. Sweet plantain with cheesee
2. French fires 7. Baked plantain
3. Rustic potato 8. Potatoes with cheese
4. Seed potato 9. Mashed seed potatoes
5. Fried plantain

$ 65.000

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